Building Next Generation Large Language Model Apps

Cognify AI is a team of experienced professionals committed to revolutionizing AI-powered conversational agents using LLMs.

Our Team

Our team consists of PhDs in Machine/Deep Learning from Georgia Tech, Delft University of Technology with real-world experience in building LLM applications. We have working experience in industrial powerhouses such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon.

Why Us

We have the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement, and manage LLM applications in various domains. We are equipped to create AI-powered conversational agents using LLMs, leveraging transformers, prompt engineering, in-context learning, fine-tuning, indexes, vector stores, retrieval, conversational memory, Langchain chains, agents, and tools for callbacks, tracing, and debugging.

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Join our team of passionate professionals and help shape the future of AI-powered conversational agents using LLMs.

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